Spiral staircases are unique, but unlike traditional stairs, they are difficult to adorn. Most spiral staircases draw enough attention on their own, especially if they’re in a prominent position, and designing around them would make the area feel claustrophobic. However, what if the spiral staircase is there to save space and you still want to decorate, or at the very least display some of your belongings around the staircase? So, what exactly do you do?

Traditional stairs are frequently positioned in regions where one side of the staircase is against a wall, making it relatively easy to hang art or framed photos on that wall, although this isn’t always the case. Spiral staircases are typically suspended from the ceiling, sometimes even in the room’s centre.

In such circumstances, the easiest approach to decorate or use the area surrounding the stairs to store your belongings is to free spots where you put furniture such as your chairs and relocate them close or around the staircase, facing away. As a result, certain places will be free of larger furniture, allowing you to add bookshelves or hang artwork. If the chairs are carefully placed on one side of the stairwell’s perimeter, they may make for an engaging discussion piece as well as a beautiful arrangement.

However, there is a risk that some furnishings will create impediments or hurdles in accessing the spiral staircase. To avoid this, you should move the furniture away from the stairwell’s foot. And, as is customary, group the furniture, namely the chairs and maybe the coffee table.

If the staircase is hung from a corner, you can decorate it as you would a typical staircase, but be cautious not to overdo it and keep the motif of the staircase in mind. If the lines are clean and simple, try to keep the lines of the décor limited, or use clean lines in vivid colours instead of complicated ones.

Finally, one of the best things about having a staircase is that it looks great, especially when decorated for special events like the holidays. You could even be able to make it into a non-tacky Christmas Tree-like holiday décor with delicate taste and tremendous discipline.